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Imagine a world where curiosity is not only embraced but celebrated as the spark that ignites our creative souls. We're thrilled to extend an invitation that transcends the ordinary, an invitation that calls you to join us on a captivating journey of self-discovery and creative exploration. On the 24th of September, prepare to embark on an inspiring voyage with us at Villa Capri in Vilafranca de Bonany.

🔥 Curiosity: The Flame that Ignites Our Creative Spirit 🔥

Curiosity is the gentle nudge that encourages us to venture into the unknown, to challenge what we think we know, and to uncover the hidden gems of possibility. It's the driving force behind great artists who dare to push boundaries, question conventions, and reshape the world with their unique visions.

Inspired by Island Life: A Space for Investigation & Self-Expression 

In the embrace of Mallorca's breathtaking beauty, we're curating a sanctuary for investigation and self-expression. Just as the waves explore the shores and the wind whispers secrets through the trees, we invite you to explore the landscapes of your creativity.


Villa Capri –Vilafranca de Bonany 


24th September

Open House: From 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, let's mingle, converse, and soak in the atmosphere of the artistic residence.

Creative Workshop: From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, dive deep into a curated workshop that will ignite your imagination, nurture your creative spirit, and guide you through a transformative experience of self-expression.

 This workshop is a blend of practical wisdom and key insight, designed to ignite your creative potential. We'll explore concepts rooted in Gestalt theory principles, guiding us to unleash our creativity.

Our workshop is a sanctuary of curiosity, wonder, playfulness, and openness. The intention is to create a safe space where self-expression is celebrated and encouraged. Think of it as a playground for your imagination.

We'll begin by grounding ourselves in the present moment through a short meditation practice and we'll balance our creative energy, setting the stage for creativity to flow.

You'll embark on a creative journey, expressing your unique curiosities through a medium of your choice (writing, drawing, painting, etc) and will be guided with different creative prompts to unleash your inner artist and co-create with others in various exercises.

We will explore what you experienced, the emotions that flowed, and the sensations you experienced. Together, we will form a collective discussion around the profound concept of curiosity and what it means to each of us.



How does mindfulness and a deeper connection with your inner self affect your creativity? What does curiosity mean to you personally, and how does it manifest in your creative process? How do wonder and playfulness enhance your ability to generate creative ideas? What emotions and sensations did your personal expression evoke in you and what did you learn about yourself?


Meet Your Creative Guides:

Host: Lorena – An Artistic Visionary and Curator based in Mallorca. With a mission to cultivate collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange, she nurtures the power of collective creation and belonging within artistic communities.

Guest: Ena – An Interdisciplinary Designer & Creative Mentor who weaves the threads of creativity, imagination, and well-being. Ena's purpose is to empower you to access your creative potential and lead a more vibrant life through collective and individual experiences.


Early bird price: 66€ (Until Sept 17th)
Regular price: 80€


The price includes:

- Creative guidance

- Art supples

- Community facilitated co-creation practice

- Refreshments

To join us on this transformative journey, simply email hello@villacapriart.com