Villa Capri is conceived as a place of inspiration.
A playground for exploration, a place to co-create a new narrative.

An artist-run platform aiming to support cross-disciplinary artists and makers and generate an international network in a sustainable environment, opening a dialogue for new collaborations and connections.

Rooted in Mallorca, in the heart of the Mediterranean, gathering inspiration from local tradition and landscapes, we host an on-going art residency and provide the space for cultural initiatives to flourish.

Our carefully curated online art gallery features selected artists and designers from around the world, showcasing emerging talent and rediscovering forgotten classics. 

We seek to surround ourselves with what we love and resonates with our soul.

Call for artists & photographers: If you want to be a part of the collective, send us an email with your portfolio to

A L L  Y O U  N E E D  I S  A R T