We are a female-led collective of international interdisciplinary artists. We intend to spark creativity and encourage co-creation by bringing new energy and talent to the island and providing a space for encounters and experimentation, where music, performance, visual arts, dance and gastronomy come together, with no barriers between mediums, styles and practices.

sketching time
We challenge the rules of this time we live in, by bringing back values that have been diluted over time or lost in the rush of our hyperconnected society. We aim to put our soul and love into what we do, embracing art in our lifestyle, as something constantly present in our daily routines.


Our creative residency brings together a group of international artists and cross-disciplinary makers of all kinds : visual artists, musicians, film makers, dancers, writers, designers… To co-exist together for 2 to 4 weeks in Mallorca, a place that has inspired artists for generations. 


Its rich tradition of craft and the scenic landscapes result in an inspiring environment where we aim to assemble this residency, a gathering to share transformative and regenerative experiences and that has collaboration and connection at its core.


The intention of this residency is to co-create a new narrative of ourselves and the way we relate to our natural environment. By immersing ourselves in nature and surrendering to it, we heal from the hectic buzz of the city and let go of old habits, to reconnect to oneself and each other.



In our residency we foster new ways to relate, exchanging knowledge and skills as a way to empower and inspire one another. We propose an open dynamic structure instead of a pre-planned program: the artists-in-residence will come together to design the experience of the residency together, allowing them to shape the program according to their own needs and interests.


A day at the residency:
For instance, we will start each day with a morning movement workshop proposed by one of the artists, followed by a check in to structure our day and organize the daily tasks. We will continue by going on a hike or for a swim,  to find our balance in a natural surrounding and creating an intentional installation sur-place or an improvised group singing session, to get our creative juices flowing. We will be coming back to the residency for a collective meal preparation, where each one helps cooking, setting the table or cleaning afterwards. We will go into the afternoon with some free time, to come back to ourselves and focus on our individual practices or needs, or visit the local artist’s studios for inspiration.The afternoon program will include a creative workshop using materials that we have sourced during the day, such as dying fabric with the vegetable remnants of our meals, or creating mobile sculptures using the wood collected on beaches. We will end the day with a film projection or a jam session.
Past Workshops Contents 
Tramuntana hike and herb foraging
Collective poetry / songwriting 
Zero waste & sustainability strategies
Creative Cooking
Traditional / Modern Basket weaving
Deep Listening Sessions
Expressive Movement / Dance
Improvised Group Singing
Fabric dying with Natural ingredients
Live Sketching
and many more...

At the end of the residency, we will present the outcome in an event that will include an exhibition where the works created will be displayed, workshops and talks with the artists and a culinary experience with live performances, including music concerts, inmersive theater and dance acts.
This event will be open to the local public. We aim to get the local scene involved, so that we make it possible to create long lasting connections that will nourish both sides and create a sense of community beyond the residency settings. In addition, we intend to generate an international network that will open a dialogue for new collaborations and connections for cultural initiatives to flourish and help the artists sustain through their practice.

(Poster of our last gathering) 


With sustainability in our core, we care to minimize our environmental impact. We source materials locally and are encourage responsible consumption avoiding the use of plastic and finding ways to reduce waste by turning it into resources and impulsing regenerative practices.


The residency takes place in an 18th-century traditional Mallorcan farmhouse, nestled within the quiet countryside, with horse and sheep in the neighboring properties. It is situated in Vilafranca de Bonany, far from the bustling city.

To apply, send a portfolio of selected works and cv to: hello@villacapriart.com




Lorena Angenault is an art director and curator based between Berlin and Mallorca. Founder of Villa Capri, a platform specializing in Art & Interior Curation in 2016 as a way to support the local and international community by encouraging artistic creation through collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange. Through the means of collective residencies, she explores the shift from individual perspectives to collective ones, generating a sense of belonging and community. With a background in visual arts, in her practice, experimentation through materials and techniques is a constant element. Her works blur the borders between practices and senses, exploring different mediums and immersive sensorial experiences and installations.



Elisa Cucinelli is a french multimedia artist based in Berlin exploring visual arts and installations, with focus on documentary story-telling and visual experimentation using crossed mediums such as projection, stop motion and animation. She is the founder of Weich, a series of events focused on ambient and experimental music, cross disciplinary arts and community. With Lorena Angenault they also co-organised the first edition of the Villa Capri Art residency in February 2022 in Mallorca, mixing different disciplines such as music, poetry, video, painting and more.



Vanessa Toh is a Berlin-based explorer and humanist, working in the field of transcendent experiences. She goes into dialogue with phenomena to shed light on the forgotten and repressed, and activate energies where needed. Her artistic practice is a vibrant entanglement bringing together her experience as a performing artist, her passion for the healing arts and the endless curiosity on social concepts, which she tries to entangle with patience and ease. She is a holistic practitioner for systemic family constellation, performing artist and social scientist. As an artist, Vanessa is currently working on a Design thinking solution with the IT-Institute Hasso-Plattner Potsdam. Creating a modern social counselling service, for socially disadvantaged citizens, in rural areas of the state Brandenburg.


(35mm video recordings of our 1st Residency)


PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (in our last editions)



Mich Woo

Visual artist, Architectural & Urban Designer



Jona Wolf 
Multimedia artist, art & sound installations, product designer



Chris Paxton
Food installations, writer


Thomas Proksch
Dancer, performer, musician



Sisi Savidge
Writer, film-maker, art director



Zyggy Zeitgeist
Drummer, producer & DJ



Justus Raym
Musician, performer



Marta Romo
Visual artist, Photographer


Ortansia Rhastoni 

Musician, Visual artist