Villa Capri

Desert Camel Sandals


Premium leather unisex sandals with a rubber sole, handcrafted under the Mediterranean sun.

Abanibi proposes to rediscover the traditional values, diving into timelessness and standing up for the durability and sustainability of our goods. Our hand crafted sandals have deep origins in the Spanish Mediterranean Islands. For centuries Spanish peasants wore these sandals as they were in need of comfortable, solid and durable footwear that would last. Because of their isolated nature, they were kept a secret until the 1930’s, when a few Spanish intellectuals and artists, such as Salvador Dalí, started wearing them. In the 1960’s they became a popular choice of sandal throughout Spain.

Our brand was born with the intention of rediscovering these sandals and elevating them to a modern luxury status. Our shoes are manufactured by local Spanish craftsmen and all our material is locally sourced. Our product is made with the utmost quality leather, collected from excess stock, and is made to last, resisting to the ever changing trends in fashion and planned obsolescence. We are against fast fashion, as it is the second largest polluting industry in the world. Therefore our number one priority is to source products that will withstand the test of time, which inevitably is the only solution to this sustainability problem.

Our products are handmade with love, custom made on demand to avoid over production, so please note that the preparation time will be around a week.

Color: Camel Brown

Sole: Black Rubber

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