Villa Capri

The Sun Vase II


Sand is a tangible but impermanent experience. Connected to Earth's most inner rhythm; signed by water, but informed by the stars. This sand treasure engenders a simple truth: the promise of returning to its origins. Let it into your habitat and it will echo its journey and the places that it's been, bringing harmony to the space surrounding it.

Sand to Sand is a carefully assembled collection of sand pieces encapsulating the memory of the Mediterranean, conveying a sense of calm beyond a specific place and time. Our mission is to create natural treasures made to be made again, carrying personal meaning without generating waste. Keep them close to you, and they will resonate our planet's gratitude.

The Sun Vase

An outcome of the continuous exploration of volume, body and form, this unique hand-made vase  brings nature home. Can be used indoors or outdoors. In order to contain flowers or soil for growing plants, use an inner container, to keep the vase dry, as it will slowly dissolve in contact with water.

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